The final FHH Certification result consists of a score out of 20 points which is scaled up to 100 points (percentage). Example: the candidate obtains a score of 10/20, which is equivalent to 50%.

The examination is automatically corrected online. The FHH reserves the right to give a ruling, if necessary, based on all the results obtained by the candidates. The FHH has sole responsibility for announcing the results.

A score statement may be accessed on the platform one (1) week after the examination has been held. The candidate only has access to his own results. Candidates are informed by e-mail that the results are available on the platform. Once this formality has been accomplished, the examination session is considered to be closed.

A certificate is then sent to worthy candidates by post.

Each candidate's results will be treated confidentially. The results are therefore only communicated to the candidate concerned, to the exclusion of any other person, unless the candidate provides the FHH with a written dispensation.

No results may be communicated by telephone.

Candidates may consult their examination scripts after they have received their results, on written request and in Geneva. Candidates have one year from the date of the examination to make their written request to the FHH. The FHH has two months in which to respond. The candidate must consult the examination script in the FHH offices in Geneva and may in no circumstances remove his script or make a photocopy / photograph.

If a participant does not pass his or her exam, an online retake opportunity is offered by FHH. The participant will be able to retake his or her exam within six months of obtaining the results. To do so, the participant must contact the FHH by email or in writing specifying his or her request.
In the event that the retake session is not successful, the participant may register for a second retake session at his or her own charge.

The decisions of the FHH Academy can be appealed to the competent team of the FHH Academy by email or in writing. The participant must contact the FHH by email or in writing within 30 days of being notified of his results, specifying his complaint.
Participants' complaints are submitted to the competent team of the FHH Academy.