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Who is

the Foundation of High Horology?

The Foundation is a creator of content, competencies, connections and experiences. It informs on latest developments, the history of time measurement, and the multiple skills within the profession. It delivers training, evaluates knowledge and certifies standards of proficiency. It recognizes Fine Watch brands, and organizes events with international reach.

What is the FHH Academy?

Thanks to a network of instructors across the globe, the FHH Academy offers a range of trainings including conferences, classes and workshops available in more than10 different languages.

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FHH Certification


A very big thank you for this very interesting training that allowed me to review many things and to learn more and more. It's a never ending story!

Cedric Laforge, Chopard, Watches Product Manager, Geneva, Switzerland

The training was great, like just made for us! Absolute perfect! Gianfranco had always a useful example for us and did this in an extremely easy way but at the same time always ready for the next step! He is really amazing! Everybody was just fascinated with him!

Raffaella PEREZ, Embassy Switzerland, 2017

I really appreciate to join the FHH training and Certificate Program, which strengthened my knowledge in fine watches. The more I learn, the more I admire the Swiss technology. Thanks again heartedly.

Alan FAI LUN, Sales Director, Tak Fai Watch Co., Hong Kong, 2018

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