Notifying candidates of the examinations

The candidate registers personally for the FHH Certification examination. Registration for the examination is subject to payment of the fee and is confirmed by e-mail only after this payment has been received. Candidates aged 18 and over may register freely for the examinations; minor candidates must submit an authorization from their parents.

Candidates are notified of the examination by e-mail two weeks before the scheduled date. The examination date, time and venue will be confirmed along with the notification. The examination date, time and venue may change; if the candidate finds it impossible to attend the examination on a new date, the fee will be returned, to the exclusion of any other sum.

The FHH reserves the right to cancel an examination session in the event of an emergency. Candidates will either have their fee refunded or will be registered for another examination session, at their convenience, to the exclusion of any other form of compensation. The FHH will inform candidates registered for the examination of any change as soon as possible.